Introduction to Dental Implant Therapy 植牙知识漫谈

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Free Online Live Seminar December 5th, 2021 @ 7:30 PM US Central Time

Guizhen Zhang, 牙周专科医师, 毕业于天津医科大学口腔医学系,在明尼苏达大学取得口腔生物学博士学位并完成了三年的牙周专科临床训练。 她是美国牙周协会认证的专科医师,从2009年开始在明州双城地区提供全职的牙周和植牙的诊断和治疗服务,并兼任明大牙医学院牙周专科的临床副教授,指导牙周专科学生的临床培训。 她今天讲座的题目是“植牙知识漫谈”, 旨在给大家普及临床植牙的基本知识和注意事项以及在美国植牙的流程。

Dr. Guizhen Zhang is a board certified periodontist. She received her dental degree from Tianjin Medical University. She then earned a PhD in Oral Biology and completed her specialty training in periodontics and dental implants at University of Minnesota. Since graduation in 2009, Dr. Zhang has been in private practice providing periodontal and implant treatment services to patients.  She is current a partner dentist at the Dental Specialists and a member of the American Academy of Periodontology, American Dental Association, Minnesota Dental Association and St. Paul District Dental Society. In her spare time, she works as an adjunct clinical associate professor at the University School of Dentistry Graduate Periodontology clinic. The topic of her presentation is “introduction to dental implant therapy”. She will go over the common reasons for tooth loss and what makes dental implants a great replacement option for single, multiple, or full tooth loss. She will walk you through the process of placing a dental implant and familiarize you with the steps and timeline of implant treatment. She will discuss the influence of some oral and systemic conditions on implant success and how to maintain long-term health of dental implants following treatment.

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